Gift from A B O V E

Sweet, sweet presence I had just encountered the other day. I’ve been blessed with a child in the womb. 

I recently shared with my husband last night the excitement & his face expression was priceless. We’re so overjoyed with the privilege to carry a child. Ever since I had found out, I only desired to bring back the glory to God, for this child ultimately belongs to Him. We were suppose to head to the movies last night after dinner but all we could talk about is our hopes, wishes, & prayers for our sweet blessing from above.

My current reads I am looking into are: 

1. Praying Through your Pregnancy by Jennifer Polimino & Carolyn Warren

2. Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mike

3. On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo & Robert Buckman, MD

4. The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby by Erin MacPherson

Also, I have been Pinterest & google search crazy on ideas about: Baby showers, Baby Nursery Themes, Ways to do Pregnancy Announcement, Maternity Clothes ideas, Safe Exercises, Allowed foods to eat,.. I think I have been overloaded just these past few days with information. 

My husband is currently on road to searching for books that will inspire him to become a Dad after God’s own heart to lead His family & children. He was suppose to be doing work today but his heart is way too overjoyed too. Haha. 

// I will dedicate this 1st journal entry to Baby Emmy (nickname: still choosing names).

Dear Baby Emmy, 

We SO look forward to meeting you. We cannot wait to caress you, to hold you, to hold your hand, to look you into your eyes, etc. Its so dear to our hearts knowing that God is working a tremendous amount of detail on you right now. You are possibly at 4 weeks inside my womb. In Jeremiah 1:5, “I chose you before I formed you in the womb.” Isn’t that beautiful, my darling? God is forming you in my womb right now. According to psalm 139, “Fearfully & wonderfully made,” are you, my darling. You are made in mommy & daddy’s genes but ultimately in the face  & image of our Great Father in heaven. Oh, how that touches my heart so much. I am encouraged knowing that our Great Father is also our Great maker & created in heaven. Our ultimate prayer for you my baby, is that you would come to the grace & knowledge of our God, that your entire being would be filled with the Holy Spirit, to know & live for God alone. However you choose to live your life for God, we trust that your life is in God’s hands.  We love you baby & we are praying for you.  May our great Father in heaven bless & keep you, in Jesus Name. 


Mommy & Daddy 


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