open d o o r

February 2, 2016. This day marks the day of new open doors for Mr. & Mrs. E. These new doors open up to new adventures together, a new start, beginning of a continuing chapter, and a love story that is continually being written by God. 

We got a first new home! It is an actual home of 2 bedrooms & 2 baths, with its own carport, huge living space, huge kitchen space, a nice spacious laundry room, & tons of storage space. It is a true blessing from the Lord. We were talking about this evening my experience as a house wife from “having my own kitchen,” “to no cooking,” “to barely cooking,” and “to cooking only with permission”has been quite a journey. Now, I get to cook again. We are so so thankful. 

It is past midnight & we have been getting our kitchen painted pretty sunbeam yellow. We started at 10pm & will be hoping to finish soon in an hour. I, Mrs. E, have recognized the hardworking husband she has by how he tackles our kitchen so gently & with so much caution. This man continues to amaze me. 

I am so exhausted working a 9 hour shift, but God is good. He is giving us the patience, endurance, and strength to live faithfully unto Him even in our darkest hour especially in the trial of not having a home. 

Thank you Lord. May your grace continue to abound in our lives, pierce through our hearts by your word, and free our minds from the bondage of fear & of the temporal earthy things. In Jesus Name.


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