the Truth finds me

It has been an amazing journey, knowing that God is omnipresent,omniscient, sovereign over the little details. 

God found me at my knees & lifted me up to a place where I could not reach. A place called, HOPE

HOPE. Where the soul is at peace in its circumstances.

. Where the fear meets God in His comforting & loving hands.

. Where the heart meets contentment in it’s unbearable pain.

. Where the physical body it its weakness meets physical rest.

. Where wavering doubts, resentment, and bitterness meets JOY.

Since last night, God spoke to me so clearly in His loving, sincere, compassionate voice: “I am the God of endurance. Lay your worries at my feet & I will take care of you my child. Forgive those that persecute you. Do not let resentment & bitterness rot your body away. Here child, I give you JOY of eternal life, through the blood of my only begotten son Jesus Christ. Open your heart to my REST, my PEACE, and my JOY. I love you.”

I opened my heart to forgive, to recieve, & to trust. I CHOSE to let God in & to let go of my emotions.


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