In the early stages of life, a child focuses and experiences life with a carefree spirit and with a seemingly blank slate of innocence. 

Fast Forward… 

Life gives lemons. The cup is half-empty. The grass is greener on the other side. 

— Negative statements of disrupted thoughts that keep one from experiencing REAL JOY. 

Why can not a person except the things they cannot change & accept the things that are right in front of them? Why can not a person focus on keeping the eternal perspective when it provides REAL JOY? 

Let IT go, MRs. E. Let IT go. 

It is NOT about you. This life is NOT about you. It is not about letting God do the work, it is fully surrendering to let Him do the work? How could you let the miracles of God take place if you are in the way? 

26Jesus answered them and said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you seek Me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were filled. 27“Do not work for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you, for on Him the Father, God, has set His seal.” – John 6:26-27

My heart is burdened & in pain of which the things I see in front of me I cannot control. Lord, Thank you for your Truth, the eternal life you have given me, through your promises & truths– help me to seek your face in the face of evil & torment that cause me to sway away from your word, your truth, & to LOOK to your word & promises. In Jesus Name.

Let’s make LEMONADE, shall we? 


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