the a d v e n t u r e continues

Hello there. 

It has been how many months since I last posted? I guess there is no motivation for posting since I have no readers. I NEED to get into the habit of writing; only because it’s good exercise for the soul! 

With that said, let’s get started on admiring this whole year. I will do my best to pick the main idea of what God had been doing in our lives each month. 

January: God placed on our lap, a husband jobless, feeling hopeless- a wife of fearing the unknown, & being forced to switch to “survive mode.” 

February: God placed around us friends & church family to surround us with the support we needed, especially spiritually. Wife + Husband decides that wife would need to carry two jobs to support our incoming bills. Mr. & Mrs. gets blessed with a huge loan check to pursue my husband’s dream of owning his own agency business. Husband continues to work from home. Wife finds it hard to have space & quiet time with husband always home. Unable to pay rent this month.

March: Creating the business logo. My birthday month. The big 2-7. We did not have much money obviously because everything I had been earning was all going toward paying bills. Mom in law, from out of state, sent me a surprised birthday gift. Wife gets laid off from second job due to unsufficient hours avaliable. Husband continuies to work from home. Unable to pay rent this month.

April: Pivotal point of the business, licensed by state. Found an inexpensive, great location, buisiness building for the office. Able to pay a portion of rent.

May: Mr. & Mrs. pushing through by faith. 

June: Mrs. gets promoted to full-time on call at her job. Mr. & Mrs. decides to leave their first home to move in with friends. Two weeks later, Mrs.’ friend is blessed by a pregnancy & Emerson’s decide it’s best to leave since the baby will need the room eventually. Mr. & Mrs. moves to another friends home by July.

July: Mr. & Mrs. moves in with the Thompson’s. Closest friends of the Emerson’s. Thompson’s ask Emerson’s to be their son’s godparents. Mr.’s sister & family comes to visit. One of the neatest experience was Mr. & Mrs. treating & taking our niece & nephew to the San Diego zoo. Sister in law & Mrs. finally get to have some one on one time, closure is being built. Emeron’s sell old car to purchase a new car for Mrs. new full time job. 

August: Mr.’s birthday month. Thompson’s treat Emerson’s out for Mr.’s birthday.

September: Neutral month for the Emerson’s. Mr. continues to strive working hard. Late nights at the office. Thompson’s decide it is best for the Emerson’s to move on to their next home. Mrs. Thompson missed her privacy. Mr. & Mrs. were hurt they had to move again but joyful for opening up their home.

October: Mr. & Mrs. found a room to rent in the same city. $200 less than primary home. 

November: Mr. & Mrs. first Thanksgiving at Mrs.’ parents’ new home. First turkey made together.

December: To be told…

>>>>> This year has sure flown by. The sweat, tears, aches, joys, laughter, praises,… had all a purpose, a reason for living, a reason for breathing, and a reason to experience faithfulness. 

God was surely in the midst of how He has worked in our lives each month. Sure, it was painful, for I, the Mrs. to see Mr. striving long nights at the office to make ends meet & to sacrifice daily for his family & ultimately, to glorify God in his character. I could say that Mr. has really met the deep end of the tunnel of life, when all he had WORKED for went down the drain by a betrayal. It had been a rough, constant stretching, pushing, & strife of a year. Even now, I could say, God’s faithfulness abided in our lives, even at times of fear, rejection, lonliness, & struggles. God WAS there. 

Most encouraging? God IS HERE. He continues to remain faithful even at this moment we fail to love Him first in our hearts.

To be continued:  

<< DECEMBER: God has blessed our family business with income that my husband has worked so hard for this year. Income that blew our minds, income that could feel our stomachs, income that could consistently pay our bills, pay money owed, income that only we can give back in praise to our Creator. Praise be to God! 

… We are still being stretched in numerous ways. Mrs. continues to support Mr.’s long nights at the office. Mrs. continues to do full-time & has jumped & prayed before God about going back to school. Mr. sees the amazing oppertunities opening up as he continiues to give back in praise to the Lord of all the Lord’s doing in the business.

I am sure I missed a LOT of details that God had been working, but the bigger picture here is that God is working. 

There’s a scripture that reminds me of this: “He will keep you strong to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 1:8 (niv)

I am reminded to not keep pushing to be in “survive mode” but to push to live in the moments God places on our laps.  At church we are reminded constantly to be obsessed with giving glory to God. 

Why? We give glory to God in how we choose to live in the moments He places in our laps, not to punish us or forsake us, but by the building of our character, our godliness, our trust, and thirst in Him. So we may experience His love for us & the given freedom of Hope that only lays in eternity.

Thank you Lord.