New Year. New Chapter. New me?

I admit. I’m scared. Full of fear. Envy.

          and worse d e p r e s s e d…

It’s 2:30am as I write this first blog. I realized since I’m up- why not start a blog? lets explode my heart & soul on here!

Slight intro_

My names mrs. e. I’m 26 years old. 27 this March. Married (2years & 3 months) to mr. j, who is an amazing man and wonderful husband. (Praise be to God!) We live  in a humble abode that costs next to nothing. We both work. I, a behavioral technician. Him, a businessman striving to own his own business. no kids yet. We accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord & Savior at a somewhat young time of our lives. We love the outdoors, fun or uplifting reads, thrifting, and trying out quality & yummy foods! oh- I forgot sleep. 😉


i have total faith that God is good. ALL the time. So why am I scared?

Insecurities? Doubts? … Ok. no good reason.


I had seen this quote once:

“Don’t tell God how big the storm is, Tell the storm how BIG your God is!”

T h a n k u Lord.



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